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The quickest and easiest way to create a website is to use a website builder. And the quickest and easiest type of website builder is an online website builder. An online website builder enables you to build a website straight from your browser. Online website builders are usually part of a service provided by a web hosting provider or other company. To create your website, you simply use the control panel to select a design then add content. When you’ve created your website you should also plan for the future in case of any corruptions that may happen, with websites like Servium to help you with your IT problems you’ll never have to worry about your site not being live or unavailable for your customers.

Some online website builders provide you with a wizard. A wizard guides you through the process by providing you with prompts and a clear path to creating your website. If you’re looking at different web hosting services you might want to look at this BlueHost vs SiteGround comparison and see which one could benefit you the most.

A good website builder will enable you to register your domain name (eg, and automatically point this to your website. It will also include hosting, email, templates, 24/7 support and more.

In other words, a good website builder will give you a full-blown website at a fraction of the cost of using a web developer. This is perfect if you don’t want to learn the technical stuff and you just want a website ASAP! When creating a website you should be considering the customer experience all the time, so one way of doing this is making it automated. For example, sending emails to customers to keep them updated on sales and exclusive deals as this way its unique and personal to every customer. You can go here to find more.

Website Builder by ZappyHost

An example of a good online website builder is ZappyHost’s Website Builder by our partner site, For a modest monthly rate, you get a professional website builder, free hosting, email, 24/7 support and loads more. You may also be able to register your domain name for $1.99 if you register it at the same time.

Example Website

Here is an example website that I created in five minutes using ZappyHost’s online website builder.

The above example uses a pre-built website that come with Zappyhost’s Website Builder. When you register your account, you will be able to choose from the same pre-built websites (over a hundred to choose from). You also get to choose color, images, etc. This means there are thousands of design and color combinations to choose from.

Plus you get a built in photo album, free Flash intros, and more.

Try the Website Builder.

About Free Website Builders

Be careful about companies that offer free website builders. There are some serious disadvantages in choosing a free site builder. Disadvantages often include:

  • Ads splashed all over your website
  • You don’t get your own domain name (eg,
  • Limited bandwidth. This means less people get to see your website (due to bandwidth restrictions). If you want more people to see your blog, you’ll have to pay for a plan that allows more bandwidth.

If you do choose a free plan, you will probably find that you’ll need to start paying later in order to get the features that you really want on your website.

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